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Need to make a local residential move in Santa Fe?  Looking for a reliable company for an office move?  We’re a family owned and operated moving company serving all Rancho Santa Fe, flexible and ready to accommodate your needs.  We’re fully licensed and insured, and always handle your move with utmost with care — you as well as your belongings.  Rightway Movers offers a range of options in local moving services, office moves, packing, and storage.

Affordable & Reliable Moving Services

We’re the best choice for anyone moving in Rancho Santa Fe, whether that’s to and from an apartment, an estate, or a business location.  With employees only, never temporary workers, we’re dependable and always on-time with expertise in all aspects of local moving.

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Residential Moves

We’re experts in accurate estimates and making residential moves go smoothly.  With professional movers, Rancho Santa Fe residents don’t have to face a stressful day (or two, or three).  Instead they can count on everything being done right for a damage- and stress-free relocation.  Request a free in home estimate — it might be lower than you expect.  We can take care of everything start to finish, or you can choose what items you’d prefer to handle yourself and we’ll take care of the rest.

Business Relocation Services

Business and office moves disrupt operations, often far more than expected.  Our team of experienced moving and packing experts get the job done quickly and safely, and just might save you some money.  Large or small offices, loaded file cabinets, commercial goods — they’re no problem for our professional movers.

Packing Services

Our packing services assure safe transportation and keep everything properly sorted out with proper labeling and a detailed inventory.  We can take care of all packing with plenty of boxes and supplies, or you can pack some items yourself and leave the rest to us.  Or do all your packing — just be sure you’re ready on moving day.  It’s your choice.

Rightway Movers

In business since 2002, we want to be your Rancho Santa Fe moving company serving the San Diego County area.  We’re professional movers and it shows — just read our Yelp and Google reviews.  We keep in touch, and we’re easy to reach.

That professionalism starts with our free in home quote that discloses all fees right up front.  We work with far more than weight and mileage, planning ahead for smooth, quick moves with no surprises.  We’ll take into account stairs, elevators, and long carries as well as any unusual number, size, or value of possessions.

Fully insured, Rightway Movers licensing includes US DOT 1154565 (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) and CAL T 189696 (California Public Utilities Commission).

Seniors and Military

We’re one of the very few moving companies in the Rancho Santa Fe area that offers discounts, along with special care and understanding, for seniors and military.  With veterans and military personnel on

How to Prepare For Your Move

First Steps

  • Get Rid of Clutter. If you don’t love it, use it, or need it then get rid of it.  That’s what garage sales and charities are for.  If there’s something that might seem like junk but you can’t bear to part with, that’s fine.  It’s a love-it item that will ease your transition into your new house.
  • Still Cluttered? If you’re still in the selling process consider renting a storage unit for anything you don’t need for staging your home or what you need to use in the next several weeks.
  • Set aside important documents so they don’t get mixed in during any last-minute packing rush.
  • Make sure to order moving boxes and packing supplies far in advance just in case something’s in short supply.  That will also let you get started packing early.  Important supplies include paper, padding, tape, and markers.  After giving you an estimate, your moving company will have a very good idea of how much you’ll need.
  • Ask your movers to bring wardrobe boxes. That way your clothes stay on hangers for super-quick packing and unpacking, with no ironing needed.  Or cover a group, still on their hangers, with a trash bag and move them yourself.
  • Find the important resources near your new home — the nearest grocery store, the best route to your doctor’s office, where the kid’s school is, and so on.

As the Day Approaches

It helps to focus on the excitement that you’ll soon be in your great new place (that counts as a tip, by the way).  But there’s packing, lots and lots of packing.  Here are more tips on what you need to do before the moving company arrives for a less stressful move.

  • Start packing several weeks ahead.  Don’t try to do it all at once in just a couple of days
  • Pack room by room, one room at a time.
  • Mark each box with the room and the box’s contents.  Put that on 2 sides so the label info will always be visible.
  • Pack things you use the least often first, the things you use the most often last.  Label things you use daily (towels, dishes…) “Open First.”
  • Don’t move empty suitcases! They’re perfect for toiletries and next-day clothes — just like you were going on a trip.
  • Not everything needs to go in a box. Things from a dresser can be quickly wrapped and returned to the drawer.  Linens and towels can go in empty furniture nooks.
  • Use beach towels and older blankets as padding around furniture and artwork.
  • Avoid buying frozen foods — they don’t travel well!
  • Document the condition of your home with photos and notes to establish the condition it was in when you left.  That includes walls, ceilings, flooring, and fixtures, inside and out.

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